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Referanser til non-Hodgkin lymfom


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Overlevelse og prognostiske faktorer

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Histologi, immunhistojemi og genetiske undersøkelser

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Behandling av non-Hodgkins lymfom


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Småcellet lymfocytært lymfom/kronisk lymfatisk leukemi

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Marginalsone B-celle lymfomer

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Waldenstroms macroglobulinemi – lymphoplasmacytisk lymfom

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Follikulære lymfomer

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Diffuse storcellete B-celle lymfomer

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Burkitt lymfom

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Modne T-celle og NK cellelymfomer

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CNS profylakse og behandling

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Primære CNS lymfomer

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Lymfomer i gastrointestinaltraktus

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ØNH lymfomer

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